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We do the shopping, you get the savings.

Call us today to see how we can help you start saving!


Why is saving on car insurance so important?

Buying a new vehicle is exciting, but do you realize you could be paying for coverage you already have? Take for instance roadside assistance, if you just purchased a New Car or Used Car you may have Roadside Assistance already included with your vehicle, CompareQuote knows this and will help you eliminate coverages you do not want or need!


Buy, then bundle.

With CompareQuote, you can bundle cars, home, and all your toys to save even more. Saving money is as easy as 1-2-3.


You buy or lease a vehicle from your dealer.


Our agents get busy finding you the best rate from multiple carriers while you take it easy. Then you can bundle.


Bundle your new ride along with home, renters, and even life insurance. Then you drive home care-free.


Questions about coverage?

The best way to get started with a policy or just to get your questions answered is to contact a CompareQuote agent.

We deliver personalized results.

People all over trust CompareQuote to help them bundle and save. Here are a few of our satisfied customers.

Very friendly and professional. Worked hard to get the best rates and saved us a ton of $$$. I highly recommend Dawn Leonard.   - R Mead

Brianna is the best! She was able to save me time and money on my auto insurance. - Kyle H

I was amazed at the amount of money they were able to save me. This is a fantastic team! They are very responsive to customer communication and always pleasant. - E Watson

They are easy to get a hold of because they have evening hours and they got us a much better price than we were able to find on our own. - M Bussey

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